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So, believe it or not, CBS5 in San Francisco actually ran a report on Monday, April 20, 2009 that a new study by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine  has put forth the theory that fat people may be causing global warming because, among a number of allegations, they (the obese) are more apt to drive a car to a destination instead of walking or riding a bike.

Sheesh!  How could I resist submitting the following…. 

Managing Editor Peter Saiers

Your report that fat people are causing global warming.

Fighting Global Warming As Best We Can

Fighting Global Warming As Best We Can

With regard to global warming, in 1900 there were 1.6 billion people pooping, etc. +-.75 gallons per day.

In 1999 there were 6 billion people pooping, etc. +-.75 gallons of poop per day…not to mention the amount of cow poop from milk, cheese and beef production to feed an additional 4.4 billion people in the course of a mere hundred years.

Then consider the amount of pork poop, chicken poop and Al Gore poop generated every day.  Gore alone could probably take out a glacier.  Who cares about whether fat people in the USA drive more than thin people in Vietnam (as the study cites)? 

This kind of study is what you would expect from a couple of stoners with a calculator after a couple of loads.  Frankly, I’m amazed that the earth can continue to rotate smoothly on its axis with all of the added weight concentrated in the USA.  Never mind that population growth has exploded in Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

It is all about the poop!….and who is shovelling it.

Remember where you heard it first, or better yet, prepare yourself for the coming earth wobble.


It is going to happen and soon.  A force so dedicated, so committed to their mission, so, dare I say, zealous as to capture the entire earth in a single day.  You are no more able to stop it than to stop the light eminating from the sun.

The date; Sunday April 26, 2009

The place; Everywhere on earth.

The event; Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day!

They're coming!

They're coming!

Yes, tiny pinpricks in metal uncovered, allowing light to spill into oatmeal boxes, paint cans, spam cans and every other imaginable kind of light tight recepticle.  Passing through the otherwise darkened void inside, the light will strike a plane of film, photographic paper or, in a more modern take, a digital light sensitive device on the opposite inner wall of the device to be frozen in time.

On that day, in every corner of the planet, this army of impassioned adventurers will be creating the most pure, lensless, visual historic record proving that we were here, that we were committed and what we saw.

The craft is quite different from the way “photos” are taken today by holding a “camera” in front of you, watching a screen with a video feed and clicking when you want to grab a frame you can later load to your blog.

This is about planning, measurement, calculation and, finally,  letting go.  The constant to the medium is that, while frought with angst and driven by anticipation, the result is seldom what was expected, but usually far more fanciful and revealing than we could ever hope.

So once a year, on the appointed day, the group ventures forth to capture the beautiful, the fanciful and the common that constitutes life, here, on this planet, at this time. 

The repository for the images is then placed where all can see and share in the celebration of who we are, or were, on the appointed day, each year.  Future generations will look at these images with curiosity and wonderment about what we were thinking and the significance of these people, places and things.

Yes, an unstoppable force is about to unleash itself upon the earth. 

I am proud to count myself among them.  You can see some of my other pinhole images at my online gallery.  Click on the “galleries” tab and select the “pinhole images” gallery.

Zach and Joe

Zach and Joe

So on April 26, 2009 beware or you may find yourself in one of our fields of view.

You’ve been warned.  Be careful.