So there’s this little neighborhood, outside some small town, where some guy lives in a house.  It isn’t his house, he just lives there.  Some other guys hang out there, too.

There’s a lot of traffic at that house at night.  Neighbors wonder what might be going on.

The guy who lives there almost died, but not quite.  He was gone for a while and the neighbors thought he might not come back.  Sadly, he perked up and returned.  So he’s still there, doing whatever it is that he does.

Then came the news.

Somebody died.  Some guy, suffering from a spider bite apparently took the drugs he’d been given for treatment and chased them down with a lot of alcohol followed by a number of other drugs.  He went to sleep and never woke up.

When asked if it was a particular person (who liked to shoot at targets in his yard at 2AM), the neighbor who reports on these kinds of matters, said “…no, the police took that one off to jail some time ago.”

So to date, one nearly died, another was hauled off to jail and some guy died, but not that guy.

This is better than some cable networks.